Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How we Sleep Giveaway: Project:Baby

I found a giveaway for yall, Kristin over at Project:Baby is having yet another amazing Giveaway, So go check it out before its to late! 
It’s that time again! Who is ready for a good night of sleep? I AM!
This week we are highlighting THREE of our sleep “must haves” for baby. I believe creating a consistent sleep environment is essential for good naps and great nighttime sleep. We’ve worked hard to create the perfect resting place for little sweet T. She’s a great snoozer!
(Napping now, actually. How else would I be writing this post?)
There are many elements to a sleep-inducing nursery…temperature, noise, comfort, etc. It’s all about the senses!
Step 1: Swaddle/Sleep Sack
Baby Bonkies - -
Most of you know my “must do” stance on infant swaddling. I swear by it. This is the main reason we got through those first few months of sleep so easily. When babies are swaddled properly, they will sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time when placed on their backs.
The sweet folks at Baby Bonkie sent a us a few swaddles to try on Tinsley several months back. I was delighted when they arrived because THESE ARE ADORABLE and so chic!! The most fabulous swaddle I’ve ever seen - hands down.
But they are so COZY too. Really soft on the inside and outside. It makes swaddling super easy for anyone. Just three steps to keep your little one warm and wiggle free. When they’re older, try a Bonkiebag sleep sack. Same great fabrics, soft, and warm. These are perfect for this chilly time of year!
It really is as simple as 1-2-3! Baby Bonkie wraps are available in a wide selection of prints and solids. 100% cotton exteriors are lined with chenille in corresponding colors to match outside fabric designs. Best of all, they’re machine washable.
Bonkies are sold at higher-end retailers like Nordstrom, Saks, and Barneys. But they also have a Bonkie for Baby line at Target. Score! One lucky reader will win the Bonkie of their choice!
Step 2: White Noise
Homedics Sound Spa - -
Every new parent needs one of these Sound Spas from Homedics. That’s just the truth, folks. And here is why:
  • Has 6 digitally recorded soothing sounds. We use “waterfall” because it is the PREFECT WHITE NOISE for the nursery. The other sounds are really soothing too. Rainforest is great for playtime because it sounds like birds are in her room!
  • This plays continually all night long OR you can set a timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
  • It’s lightweight and portable. It’s battery or adapter operated, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. This is great for road trips, overnight trips, or when baby falls asleep somewhere random. 
  • It looks good!
What more do I need to say? We own two of these - one at our house and one at my parents (in fact, everything in today’s giveaway we have two of!).
Step 3: Soothe
Twilight Turtle - -
Matt’s cousin gave us the BEST gift when Tinsley was born…the Cloud B Twilight Ladybug! It has been so awesome for the nursery. Not only is it soothing for Tinsley, but it’s a GREAT nightlight when we need to sneak in there to check on her or nurse.
These little critters are a cute, soft, and attractive addition to any nursery. There are three different color settings to choose from. The stars project soft light all over the ceiling and actually create true constellation patterns! It runs on batteries, so you can take it anywhere (with a “time out” function to save battery life). We have the ladybug at home and the Twilight Turtle for the road.
I have a feeling we’ll be using these lights for several more years (because monters live in our closets!).
There is a Twilight Turtle up for grabs! Who will win?
One Project: BABY reader is going to win ALL THREE items! Woo hoo! These are great items for your baby or any new mama-to-be.
Three ways to enter:
  1. Leave a comment with your first name, email, and tell me what your sleep “must have” is (for you OR baby!).
  2. Like BabyBonkie on Facebook.
  3. Tweet: “Give baby a good night of sleep with @ProjectBabyT! Three part giveaway going on now: www.projectbabyblog.com
That’s it! Leave a separate comment for each action taken. Winner chosen this weekend!
Good luck and lots of love,

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