Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11 months

Your are 11 months old!!
You have no idea what this does to me.
I cried... A lot. Hugged and kissed you, cried some more.
I just can't get over that you are almost a year old. Me, a mother to a year old? No way!!!!
You have hit some crazy amazing milestones this month.
You are walking back a forth between daddy and I. Your still a little scared about it. You will walk everywhere if you are holding on to someone's hand.
You have started playing peek a bio. I love it, it's the cutest thing ever!
You will blow kisses now. Omg my heart just melts.
You are talking up a storm, I don't understand what you are saying half the time but I love to just sit back and listen it is beautiful.
You are climbing on top of stuff now, your walker, couch, recliner. Whatever you have the strength to pull yourself onto.
You turn your bath water on and off. Not going to lie drives me crazy.
Your fit throwing has came on with full strength, dear goodness I hope it doesn't get any worst.
Your are shaking your head no and yes.
You will point at stuff.
You still are an awesome dancer, any chance you get you are dancing your booty off.
You love:
Daddy's cars
Driving the Rzr and vehicles
Bath time
Momma Jewerly
Food- mash potatoes, turkey dogs, ranch style beans, green beans, carrots, pasta.
You are so long and lean. You are wear 9 month closes even though you could fit into 6 month but your so long the 9 month will have to do.
I can't get over how fast you are growing up, and so beautifully at that.
Daddy and I tell one another at least 10 times a day how beautiful you are.
You still look like your daddy to me but everyone else says they see me in you. I see your daddy's eyes, his dirty blonde hair, golden tan, cute little ears and full lips. All I see of me is your round face and high cheekbones. Either way your are breathe taking.
Your are my sun,
My moon,
And all my stars.
We love you so incredibly much baby girl.