Monday, October 1, 2012

Life lately according to my iPhone pictures

 We have be so incredibly busy this late couple of months. Between our wedding, Honeymoon and Bliss's first birthday, it has been say the least CRAZY around these parts. Finally, it's all over and the storm is clearing. Thank goodness! 
I have to say this is the my favorite age so far, Bliss is walker EVERYWHERE and is getting into EVERY THING, but I love it. It is so fun to watch learn and grow and come in to her being. Now she walks up to me grabs my hand and leads me to what she wants. It makes my heart so full!

All she wants to do now days is be outside, she loves jumping on the trampoline, walking to the pond, swinging, riding the canyon (my horse) feeding and cleaning after Dixie (my sisters cow) and playing with her puppies. The only downside is I can't open the door without her running to it, screaming go and if we don't go outside she screams and beats on the door. Boy, does she have a temper! Where ever does she get that from?

It is has been some what been HELL around these parts, thanks to a certain sweet loving happy baby of mine who has been replaced by a screaming teething crazed banshee. Six teeth coming in at one time is just cruel and unusual punishment that she sure DOES NOT deserve! Teething tablet only last maybe for an hour and I hate attempting to give her pain reliever everyday, so most days we have a screaming baby/banshee that we are trying to make happy. I am so ready for my sweet, loving, happy going baby to back to normal! My nerves are really ready! lol 

Im off to make a banshee, her lunch.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

happy first birthday, Bliss!

I dont know how this year flew by so fast! I remember Bliss's big debut into our world like it was just yesterday. I can't get over you have already been here for a year and you are all ours!! 

My sweet bliss, is have been the greatest privilege to be called your mother, I look at you a billions times a day and think, "She is all mine, and boy am I in LOVE!" Bliss you have taught me so much about myself this year, about life and the things that matter the most. You have shown me how to truly love, you have shown me how to be happy, patient, and kind, the true meaning of being frustrated and exhaustion, the truest meaning of being emotional about the most silliest of things. I'm so incredible blessed to be able to be with you everyday and watch you change and grow right in front of my eyes.

You have grown so much just this year, I never realized how much you would develop in just one year you are:
Walking, saying your first words, "reading", dancing, singing, playing copycat, clapping, laughing, wrestling, climbing, making phone calls, deleting apps of my phone, taking pictures, making a ton of messes, getting in to EVERYTHING, making friends, kissing on anyone that will let you, blowing kisses, giving wonderful hugs, and growing more and more beautiful with each passing day! 

Daddy and I can already guess some things about you. You'll be strong-willed, curious and a social butterfly! You will be incredibly smart and bright. You will love to play any sport we put you in because you are so active. You'll be in ballet, gymnastics and swimming. You'll race dirt bikes and our wheelers. You'll ride horses like momma use too. You'll take piano lessons and play for daddy and I everyday. You will love to help daddy work on his cars and you will love to read and takes pictures like mommy. 
We have some many hopes and dreams for you Bliss! 

You're a big cuddlier and so incredibly sweet, and loving, you get that from your daddy for sure. 
You get your strong will, and stubbornness  from me. 
You have attitude like there is no tomorrow, which is terrifying! 
You love to shop and just be out about exploring the world. 
Your happiest when we are outside walking around, riding the rzr, playing on the trampoline or swimming.

You LOVE to eat, you get this from daddy.
You favorite place to eat is olive garden, you love their fetticine alfredo. 
You also love asparagus, broccoli, carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, spaghetti, turkey dog, grilled cheese, and any type of fruit. 
Your not a big fan of peas at all.   

Thanks for a wonderful first year. Daddy and I talk about how lucky we are that we got such a good and easy going yet sassy little girl. You bring joy to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting you. 
Happy Birthday my darling and know that we love you to the moon and back.
Momma & Dada

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11 months

Your are 11 months old!!
You have no idea what this does to me.
I cried... A lot. Hugged and kissed you, cried some more.
I just can't get over that you are almost a year old. Me, a mother to a year old? No way!!!!
You have hit some crazy amazing milestones this month.
You are walking back a forth between daddy and I. Your still a little scared about it. You will walk everywhere if you are holding on to someone's hand.
You have started playing peek a bio. I love it, it's the cutest thing ever!
You will blow kisses now. Omg my heart just melts.
You are talking up a storm, I don't understand what you are saying half the time but I love to just sit back and listen it is beautiful.
You are climbing on top of stuff now, your walker, couch, recliner. Whatever you have the strength to pull yourself onto.
You turn your bath water on and off. Not going to lie drives me crazy.
Your fit throwing has came on with full strength, dear goodness I hope it doesn't get any worst.
Your are shaking your head no and yes.
You will point at stuff.
You still are an awesome dancer, any chance you get you are dancing your booty off.
You love:
Daddy's cars
Driving the Rzr and vehicles
Bath time
Momma Jewerly
Food- mash potatoes, turkey dogs, ranch style beans, green beans, carrots, pasta.
You are so long and lean. You are wear 9 month closes even though you could fit into 6 month but your so long the 9 month will have to do.
I can't get over how fast you are growing up, and so beautifully at that.
Daddy and I tell one another at least 10 times a day how beautiful you are.
You still look like your daddy to me but everyone else says they see me in you. I see your daddy's eyes, his dirty blonde hair, golden tan, cute little ears and full lips. All I see of me is your round face and high cheekbones. Either way your are breathe taking.
Your are my sun,
My moon,
And all my stars.
We love you so incredibly much baby girl.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 months

You are 10 months old!!! 
All I can say is OMG! Where is has the time gone? 
Where do I being... 
You have 6 teeth now
You will walk with someone holding you hand, I am ready for you to start walking.
Your neediness for momma is super fierce, If  I get out of sight I hear you start screaming momma, over and over again and then the search is on. You sound like a baby clausdale horse stomping around the house when you are trying to claw real fast. 
You have started throwing little tantrums, they are crazy. I can't help but sit back and just watch you because its funny how much energy you are putting into them, and like flipping a switch you stop.
Daddy and I both ask one another daily, where did our little baby go and that you are so beautiful. You are truly breathe taking. 
You love:
to dance
playing with cousin Jordan.
riding the rzr
talking & screaming
crawling everywhere
getting into anything you can
bath time 
dada's cars
your puppies
Momma, can't tell you how much love dada and I have for you. My heart feels as if it's going to explode just thinking about it. You are our whole entire world. You make us so incredibly happy baby girl, we love love love you!!

Keeping growing beautifully, my sweet little darling.