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Birth Story

Birth Story
It all started on the evening of September 12th, 2011!
Jerry had got off work and came home and picked me up to go get the camaro dynoed. (Jerry is all into Race/Street Cars) We headed into town at about 6, I didn't want to go because I was seriously an emotional wreck because I was nervous/terrified about being induced in two days, See my post….39 week stats. Plus, I was just exhausted cause I hand't slept at all the night before. Jerry insisted I go, So i sucked it up and went with him. We went dynoed his car; It did amazingly well by the way, then went and ate dinner and headed home at about 9:15.
On the way home, I guess you can say is when it all started & I just didn't know. I started contracting, It wasn't anything killer but they were pretty intense. We get home, I feed the dogs, while Jerry took a shower.
10:15-10:45 We got into bed and I watched t.v. for a little while Jerry had already passed out, I swear that as soon as his head hits the pillow every night he is OUT!! LUCKY! I turned the T.V. off and the last time I looked at my clock was at 11:15, I was still contracting but they weren't near as intense as they were on the car ride home.
12:25 I woke up with my stomach hurting so bad I couldn't breathe, It wasn't like contracting hurting, It was like I ate something bad and need to go to the bathroom or like I was cramping trying to start my period, So I got up went to the potty 4 times in a 30 minute period. Finally I came to the conclusion that I was contracting, so I got my phone and went to my contraction app and started timing the contractions. My contractions were lasting 2-3 minutes and 5 minutes apart from 1:00 a.m. till almost 2:00 a.m. when they started to get WAY more intense and lasting Minute & half and 2-3 minutes apart. I didn't want to wake Jerry up in case it was a false alarm so I went to Bliss's nursery because I was doing some serious moaning and groaning and I had already woke Jerry up and he kept telling me that we need to go to the hospital, but I keep telling him NO it's not time! I really wanted to experience my water breaking! lol
    Finally at 3:30 I gave in and made the call to my Doctors answering service, Within 5 minutes he called back and said Sounds great and told me to head to the hospital, & he would see me there. I hung up the phone and was like great, I really hope this isn't a false alarm! So I went and brushed my hair and teeth, checked all the hospital bags. (Luckily I had finished packing them early that day!) Got dressed and went to wake Jerry up. I walked over to him, tapped him on the should, he rolled over with a worried face, I was like babe it's time!! He immediately jumped up! He made sure I was ok and started getting ready, I went to put the dogs in the back room and made sure they had food and water in case this was the real thing and then started taking bags to the car. I decided to not call anyone in case it was a false alarm, so we headed to the hospital; Jerry was all excited, I on the other hand was TERRIFED but wasn't going to let Jerry see that cause I knew that it would have freak him out.
    4:00 a.m. We checked in at the hospital!
    We checked in and headed to our room, My doctor had already called and told the nurses that I was on my way and no matter what I was having the baby. So if I wasn't dilated anymore than I was the day before at my doctors appointment which was a 2 that he was just going to go ahead and induce me. I know my eyes popped out of my head when the nurse told me that. I know, I know, That shouldn't have shocked me considering I was a day away from being induced anyway but I still hadn't gasped that I was going to be induced... PERIOD! For 39 weeks I have had my sweet baby in my belly and I seriously never thought about her actually coming into my world. Well, let me rephrase that I had thought about but not the whole experience on the way out into my world! Truthfully I had tried my hardest not think about the actual labor, as crazy as that sounds! Back to the story, The nurse hooked me up to the contraction machine and the machine to monitor Bliss's heartbeat and then she checked to see if I was dilated anymore. She was checking and asked what I was dialed to at my doctors appointment I told her a two, and her eyes got real big and was like your at a 6!! My mouth just dropped!! I turned and looked at Jerry about in tears and he asked whats that meant, I giggled and said at a 10 I can push!!! His eyes got real big then and he started to smile and said you better start calling people then!! So while they were putting my I.V. in I called my mawmaw and text my dad, mom, sister my best friend Liz and karen. Mawmaw to my astonishment was awake she told me that she had been awake since 3 and didn't know why the same with Liz, I thought that was crazy!! lol They all said that they were headed up there. all the while I was still in shock that I had even gone into labor! A day away from being Induced and I go into labor!! WOW! I told Jerry that his car had scared her out! lol He said no, she just wanted to come out and really ride in it! lol  After I had signed my life away on all the papers that you have to fill out, Seriously it a book!! They asked me how I was feeling because on the monitor my contractions were pretty intense. They told me most girls that were having contractions as intense as mine were right now, were usually screaming and crying the heads off by now. I was shocked! YES, They hurt but not near as bad as I thought they were going to be. Everyone had told me it's horrible even unbearable, but I didn't think It was bad at all. Yeah, I couldn't breathe at times and I would ball my fist and toes up but that's it. I guess I just got lucky or have a higher pain tolerance than I thought. My nurse then asked my if I wanted an epidural and I told her yes. So I signed the papers and He came into give me the epidural, He explained everything and started to get to work. Jerry came and stood in front of me for support. He was standing in front of me and the anesthesiologist went to put the needle in my back and Jerry seen the needle and turned pale white and his eyes got real big, so I figured it was coming, then the anesthesiologist said ok your done. What? Really!? That was it! Jerry looked at me and said dang you took that like a champ! I could't help but laugh cause he was still pale. The epidural was amazing beside the whole can't feel your legs! I did not like that at all! Then, the worst thing of all happened!! The catheter! O-M-G I hated that thing, that was the WORST, out of my whole pregnancy, labor and after labor experience, the catheter was the worst!! Hands down! It was just super uncomfortable and I hated it!
    5:30 As my family started pouring in, the more nervous I got. I started thing about all the  bad things that could happen and I really started freaking my self out. I finally got my nerves under control and just tried to relax and wait for my baby to arrive. As I sat there at visted with everyone, & I do mean Everyone! My mawmaw was there along with Liz and hayden, My dad, Stepmom, Sister and Brother, My meme and pawpaw, my mom and her boyfriend Wade, and Jerrys parents. Lets just say that the room was FULL!
    6:45: My doctor came into the check me, and I was dilated to an 8 so he went ahead and broke my water and told me next time he sees me that we would be having a baby!  
    7:55: I called the nurse because I kept feeling a lot of pressure down there and couldn't take it anymore, I thought It was from the catheter, but the nurse said it could either be the catheter or the baby pushing down; crowning, she checked and I was feeling so much pressure because I was dilated to a 10 and was ready to push
    I was in utter shock but I was SO ready to push!
    They called for my doctor and as we waited for him, I remember sitting there thinking, It's finally time for me to meet MY BABY. I can't believe its really time! When I turned to look at Jerry who was standing beside me, He was just a smiling at me and rubbing my head, I was so happy he was there with me, and me seeing him so happy and ready to meet his daughter made me feel so reassured and ready to do this!  My doctor arrived so they made everyone leave the room and we started getting ready for Bliss's big arrival. Ekkkkk
    Time line:
    • 12:00-12:25 Woke up to contractions.
    • 1:00 Contractions 5 minutes apart lasting 2-3 minutes.
    • 2:00 Contractions 2-3 min apart lasting Minute and half.
    • 3:30 Couldn't take it anymore had to call my Doctor.
    • 4:00 Checked into the Hospital. 
    • 4:25-5:25 Dilated to a 6, received my Epidural  & Catheter. 
    • 5:30 family started rolling in.
    • 6:45 Doctor checked me and I was dilated to an 8 & he broke my water.
    • 7:55 Dilated to 10 & ready to push!
    • 8:00 Getting ready to meet our Daughter!
    The Doctor sat down and told me when I felt a contraction to bear down as hard as I can in till he tells me to stop. I couldn't feel my contractions so he had to tell me when to push so when he told me to push, I pushed with everything in my body, all the while Jerry was hold on of my legs and telling me, "your doing great babe, keep going." He was truly amazing thru it all. I pushed 3 good times then took a break, then started to push 3 more times on the 6th push my doctor said he could see her head, My doctor was screaming push, push, push and the then Jerry says baby I see hair, I see hair! After Jerry said that my doctor made me stop pushing and told me one more good push like I was doing and we would meet our daughter. Our daughter? I loved the sound of that! 
    So Just one more push! 7 hours of labor and 8 minutes of pushing has lead to this very exciting moment.....
    "Push, Push, Push, Go, Go, Go, Go!"
    ....and then, at 8:22 on a beautiful wednesday morning, Bliss Victoria Wilkins made her big debut into our world and our hearts, and Our lives are forever changed! 
    Coming Soon: Part two: The next Blissful 24 hours.

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