Friday, March 11, 2011

Surprise!! I'm Pregnant...

Well... I don't know where to even start, in the middle of January Jerry Todd had to go out of town working, & I had been feeling really hungry and super tired! That's reallu unusaul for me so I text my friend Liz and was like how did you know that your where pregnant? She told me that her boobs where super sore, hadn't had her period, and was super hungry. Well my boobs are always super sore and my period was always jacked up because of my birth control, so she told me to come over and take a pregnancy test, I was like no I'm just going to go home and not worry about i figured that i would start my period next couple of days. Then I really started thinking about it and was like just go buy 1 pack with comes with 3 test. So as soon as I get off work, i hed to CVS and go buy some then head home. I get home read the box peed on it and went feed the horses came back and the 1st test read POSITIVE! Yes positive so i start freaking out and pee on a 2nd waited and it all so came out positive, so at that point I was freaking out completely! I called Liz and she was like well your pregnant there is not such thing as a false positive, so then i just freaked out even more!! So i went ahead and took the 3rd test because I was freaking out and thinking there was NO way that I was pregnant!! Once again the last test said positive, I just cried & tried call Jerry had no signal so I texted him ask to please call me as soon as possible. Well about 10 minutes later he calls and was like are you ok, is there something wrong? I was trying to stay calm but It wasnt working out to well, I finally told him i had taken 3 pregnancy test and they all came back positive. He was super calm and told me i figured your where, you haven't had your period in awhile and i could just tell taht you where. I was baffled i was like why didnt you tell me and said because he didnt want to freak me out. I was like thanks for giving me a heads up, very nice of you! Well I went to the doctor & I am 13 weeks due September 17th. & praying and hoping that I have a little boy, but i guess i would be happy either way as long as it's healthy.
Couple of names ideas......
  1. Cam
  2. Stark
  3. Kingsley
  1. Bliss
  2. Kinslee/Kinsley
  3. Aria/Arianna
Jerry likes Kingsley and Cam for a boy and He likes all the girl names.

I still don't know how I feel about any of this because I for one didn't want children, I have so many fears & all this is doing right now is stressing me out thinking about it. I'm hoping that after I find out the sex that I will be happier and more excited because I feel like a horrible person not being happy and excited about it, when all my family and Jerry is so excited, but I don't know what else to do about it. I guess that's all for now intill next time.