Friday, August 26, 2011



Yay! It’s Friday! Ok, so my excitement is super fake, mainly because Jerry has been working the last couple of weekends, so it makes everyday just a big blur. So fingers crossed he’s off this weekend so we can hopefully finish stuff up around the house and spend some quality time together!
I posted a couple of weeks ago, about list of stuff I still need to get & I have managed to knock a few more things off my list. : ]
I also went to Sams yesterday after my doctors appointment to stock up on stuff the house like:
  • Toilet paper
  • napkins
  • Bottle of water
  • Trash bags
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dog food
  • Dish washing detergent 
  • Diapers
  • Paper Plates
I then came home and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned! I rearranged our bedroom too, Jerry came home and was like babe, you getting ready? lol 
Today I have done a whole bunch of NOTHING, Im super tired today and have NO motivation at all. I know I have so much stuff I should be doing but I’m sooo tired. So I’m just going to lay around, snack, Internet shop/browse, and catch up on some shows. 
Dress: Target
Hat: Target
Currently watching: Ugly Betty

Thursday, August 25, 2011

37 weeks stats


Pregnancy Stats-
How Far along: 37 weeks. Full term. woowww.
Size of baby: Apps says Swiss Chard
Total Weight Gain: 6 lbs
Gender: baby girl
Movement: Still Super active, everywhere I have read & heard that they slow down with activity toward the end, but she is still a getting it! lol
Sleep: ha I wish!
What I miss: Sleep, breathing, being able to sit up and get our of bed instead of struggling, actually being able to eat & Energy!
Cravings: Blue Bell Ice Cream, Posados Chicken Fajitas, Whataburger Honey-Mustad Chicken Sandwich.  
Best Moment this week: Jerry and I have really connected this week. He just has opened up to me about how he feels about everything and it made me feel really good and actually calmed/relieved me in a weird way.
Symptoms: I'm just super Uncomfortable right now! I can't breathe, I can't ride in a car for very long, I have a lot of pressure, I seriously moan and groan all thru the day and night.
Doctors Appointment: Doctor said after monday, I'm free to have her. In another word taking me off my medicine that stops my contractions and if I go into labor he's not stopping it. Ekkk kind of bittersweet!
Im not going to lie, I'm utterly terrified. Tomorrow, I'm going to get all my last minute stuff. I have to finish packing our hospital bags, finish organizing the house, finish washing her clothes, and stock the house up. O-M-G just typing that gave me a anxiety attack.
So the countdown as officially begun! Will she come early or be fashionably late?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

36 week stats


Pregnancy Stats-
How Far along: 36 weeks!
Size of baby: My app on my phones says, Crenshaw Melon. What the heck is that? 
Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs lost a pound! :(
Gender: Girl
Movement: Insane! Jerry and I sit around and watch her dance in my belly! Its Great! 
Sleep: Its takes me forever to fall asleep, and when I wake up in the morning I feel as if I was ran over by a truck! 
What I miss: Sleeping, my energy, and Being able to breath after I eat. 
Cravings: Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich from whataburger. 
Symptoms: Belly is itchy, back and feet are killing me and just exhausted!! 
Best Moment this week: Realizing we are less than a month away from our due date. Its defiantly bittersweet!! 
Some of Bliss's goodies that arrived this wee
Onsie Stickers & ruffled Diaper covers and Her Baby sling! 
I'm ready to give my boobs over to Baby Bliss! ; )

Dress: Target
Watching: Something on Bravo. lol 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Letter to Baby Bliss!


Letter to Baby Bliss!
Sweet darling baby Bliss its is exactly one month away from your due date!ONLY 4 more weeks…. just you and me! OMG!! :..)
Your are our wonderful “surprise.”  I thought I would be older before I had you but I guess, God had another plan for us. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world. I sit around dreaming of what your going to look like, If you going to have your daddy’s beautiful dirty blonde hair, mommy’s green-gray eyes and daddy’s beautiful golden tan skin. I know whomever you look like you will be the most beautiful baby in all the world! 
I have to say I have really enjoyed being pregnant with you, NO it has Defiantly not been the easiest pregnancy, going into preterm labor at 20 weeks and being on bed rest and in & out of the hospital ever since but just think that hopefully the next time we’re in the hospital, you will make your big debut to our world, and I will be able to hold you in my arms and never let you go! It’s crazy how fast this time with you has flown by, & Im extremelynervous yet excited for you to be here! 
I have LOVED all the FIRST times/things that you and I have had together.
  1. image
    you for the first time, was one of the happiest moments in my life! I never knew something so little would make me so incredibly happy! I remember leaving the doctors office just staring at your sonogram picture leaving the office in complete shock, thinking your all mine!! 
  2. I remember when we heard your heartbeat for first time! It completely melted me to the core. I just sat there listening to your sweet little heartbeat beating away thinking, WOW this is really happening! There is REALLY a baby in there!
  3. Feeling you MOVE for the first time, Im not going to lie it FREAKED me out!! lol It took me awhile getting use to you moving cause it would always catch me by surprise but now I LOVE it!!! Your are SUPER ACTIVE!! Especially when your daddy is around, He will put his hand on my belly and move it and you will seriously follow his hand around, it is the most darling thing!! Daddy’s Girl already!
  4. Watching you growing already, even if you your in my belly still. Seeing you grow so much already, is completely amazing & overwhelming!
  5. Seeing you move my whole belly because your in there practicing your mad ninja skills!
  6. Feeling you have the hiccups. It’s the weirdest yet most fascinating feeling!
  7. You jumping because your daddy’s car starts up and scares you!! :) But you have grown to love it and you move around like crazy when you hear it now cause I guess you know that your daddy is close by!
  8. Watching you kick stuff of my belly because you don’t like ANYTHING,but your daddy touching my belly!
You are most active at nighttime now, between 11:00-2:00 a.m. you are fiercefor about 30 minutes, That’s in till I point you toward your daddy and you feel his body heat then you calm right down.
Your Favorite Foods
  • Hot sauce & chips, 
  • Spaghetti, 
  • ABC’s 123’s
  • Easy mac, 
  • Whataburger Honey mustard Chicken Sandwich,
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream!  
Your Favorite Drinks:
  • Mountain Dew, 
  • Red Diamond sweet tea, 
  • Orange flavor Gatorade, 
  • Water 
  • Pepsi
Your Favorite Restaurants & Fast Food:
  • Whataburger, 
  • Taco Bueno, 
  • Casa Ole, Posados, 
  • Olive garden 
  •  Apple Bee’s.
I knew you were MY Bliss before you were bliss. I had dream after dreamthat you were going to be a beautiful baby girl. When me and daddy went to the doctor to find out who you were, I knew deep down, and told your daddy that you were going to be a beautiful, healthy, little girl & what do you know, Doctor Wood told us that your were are beautiful little Bliss!! :)
You aren’t even here yet, but I want some much for you!!
I want you to be:
  • Strong
  • Beautiful
  • Smart
  • Optimistic
  • Loving
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • honest
  • fierce 
  • Independent
I want you to always follow your heart & stand up for what your believe in! I want you to have an open mind. I want you to succeed in whatever makes you happy in life!! 
I want so much for you, it’s crazy & overwhelming to think about! I just want so much happiness & love in your life for you!  
Always remember daddy and I are always here for you. In whatever way you need us. Always!
Daddy & I have worked so hard on getting everything ready for your BIGdebut! Daddy had to put SIX coats of paint on your bedroom walls alone! He had to paint your beautiful vintage dresser drawers & night stand, also all the trim in your room! He officially hates painting now! lol But he did it all gladly because he LOVES you so much already! 
With only a month away we have really been working our booties off getting all the house organized and ready for you to be here! We cleaned out the back two rooms this past weekend, One of those rooms will be your playroom! Im so ready to paint your playroom and start buying you all kinds of fun toys to go in there!! : ] We still have to finish your closet, have to put up another shelf in there because you already have SO many clothes!! You are totally going to be a DIVA!! 
Bliss, I love you with all my heart! You are a blessing from God! You have an eager family awaiting for you…..and you will be treasured and celebrated andadmired for the rest of your life! 
We cannot wait to start our new life & adventures with you! 
We love you, baby bliss. So very, very, very, much.