Thursday, August 25, 2011

37 weeks stats


Pregnancy Stats-
How Far along: 37 weeks. Full term. woowww.
Size of baby: Apps says Swiss Chard
Total Weight Gain: 6 lbs
Gender: baby girl
Movement: Still Super active, everywhere I have read & heard that they slow down with activity toward the end, but she is still a getting it! lol
Sleep: ha I wish!
What I miss: Sleep, breathing, being able to sit up and get our of bed instead of struggling, actually being able to eat & Energy!
Cravings: Blue Bell Ice Cream, Posados Chicken Fajitas, Whataburger Honey-Mustad Chicken Sandwich.  
Best Moment this week: Jerry and I have really connected this week. He just has opened up to me about how he feels about everything and it made me feel really good and actually calmed/relieved me in a weird way.
Symptoms: I'm just super Uncomfortable right now! I can't breathe, I can't ride in a car for very long, I have a lot of pressure, I seriously moan and groan all thru the day and night.
Doctors Appointment: Doctor said after monday, I'm free to have her. In another word taking me off my medicine that stops my contractions and if I go into labor he's not stopping it. Ekkk kind of bittersweet!
Im not going to lie, I'm utterly terrified. Tomorrow, I'm going to get all my last minute stuff. I have to finish packing our hospital bags, finish organizing the house, finish washing her clothes, and stock the house up. O-M-G just typing that gave me a anxiety attack.
So the countdown as officially begun! Will she come early or be fashionably late?

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