Sunday, September 16, 2012

happy first birthday, Bliss!

I dont know how this year flew by so fast! I remember Bliss's big debut into our world like it was just yesterday. I can't get over you have already been here for a year and you are all ours!! 

My sweet bliss, is have been the greatest privilege to be called your mother, I look at you a billions times a day and think, "She is all mine, and boy am I in LOVE!" Bliss you have taught me so much about myself this year, about life and the things that matter the most. You have shown me how to truly love, you have shown me how to be happy, patient, and kind, the true meaning of being frustrated and exhaustion, the truest meaning of being emotional about the most silliest of things. I'm so incredible blessed to be able to be with you everyday and watch you change and grow right in front of my eyes.

You have grown so much just this year, I never realized how much you would develop in just one year you are:
Walking, saying your first words, "reading", dancing, singing, playing copycat, clapping, laughing, wrestling, climbing, making phone calls, deleting apps of my phone, taking pictures, making a ton of messes, getting in to EVERYTHING, making friends, kissing on anyone that will let you, blowing kisses, giving wonderful hugs, and growing more and more beautiful with each passing day! 

Daddy and I can already guess some things about you. You'll be strong-willed, curious and a social butterfly! You will be incredibly smart and bright. You will love to play any sport we put you in because you are so active. You'll be in ballet, gymnastics and swimming. You'll race dirt bikes and our wheelers. You'll ride horses like momma use too. You'll take piano lessons and play for daddy and I everyday. You will love to help daddy work on his cars and you will love to read and takes pictures like mommy. 
We have some many hopes and dreams for you Bliss! 

You're a big cuddlier and so incredibly sweet, and loving, you get that from your daddy for sure. 
You get your strong will, and stubbornness  from me. 
You have attitude like there is no tomorrow, which is terrifying! 
You love to shop and just be out about exploring the world. 
Your happiest when we are outside walking around, riding the rzr, playing on the trampoline or swimming.

You LOVE to eat, you get this from daddy.
You favorite place to eat is olive garden, you love their fetticine alfredo. 
You also love asparagus, broccoli, carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, spaghetti, turkey dog, grilled cheese, and any type of fruit. 
Your not a big fan of peas at all.   

Thanks for a wonderful first year. Daddy and I talk about how lucky we are that we got such a good and easy going yet sassy little girl. You bring joy to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting you. 
Happy Birthday my darling and know that we love you to the moon and back.
Momma & Dada