Monday, November 7, 2011

What B is loving as of Right NOW!


Bliss is coming up on 2 months old, Yes it has already been two blissful months!! So I figured I would do a post on some of the things she loves as of RIGHT NOW!
1. Music. She loves her some Jams, some of her favorite include:
That is just a couple of her favorite.
2. Her Comfy Time bouncy chair.   
She absolutely loves this chair, she will actually let me take a shower if she in this, so mommy loves this too! ; ]
3. Luv U Zoo Cradle 'n Swing  
She loves to watch the animals spin around and to listen to the sound effects. If she's fighting her sleep this will put her to sleep in know time at all!!
4. Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

Since, I bought this 3 weeks ago, she sleeps with every night, when I lay her down and turn tit on she knows it time to go to sleep & when she stirs at night i can turn it on and before it turns off she is already back to sleep!
5. Her Owl Play mat.

She loves for me to shake all the toys, she will giggle and kick like a mad woman!
6. Bath Time, I think this is one of her favorite times of the day. We have two bath tubs the Puj Tub & Jahgoo Baby Bath Support. We use the Puj Tub in the Kitchen sink & The Jahgoo Baby Bath Support when she's in the tub with me. She is so happy and full of life when she's in the water, I told Jerry that she's going to be little swimmer like I was.

7. Cloud B constellation night light twilight Lady bug. 

We bought this a coulpe of weekends ago & she LOVE it!! She just stares at the ceiling and coo's.
8. Prince Lionheart bebePod Infant Seat

I know its kinda early for her to have it but she already support herself so well, so I said what the heck? She does so well in it. She loves to sit in it on the front porch and just soak in the world around her. I just love it!!
9. Peter Pan:

I have always been in LOVE with Peter Pan, & lucky so is B, so we read the book all the time! I can't wait till she focuses well enough to watch the movie, cause it will most likely live in our DVD player.

Above: This is how happy she get when you say Peter Pan.
10. Last but not least. Her Daddys Cars.

His cars are super loud, so when she hears them she gets really quite and just looks around, I swear that his car is what made me go into labor with her.
Birth story coming soon, I promise.
Well, Im off to cook dinner.

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