Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nursery Ideas.....

So I have been trying to figure out how to do Bliss's bedroom, and lets just say its hard!!! 
The colors I have decided on are:
  1. Black (cause of my furniture)
  2. White (cause it looks clean and fresh)
  3. Silver (love)
  4. Pink (Can't decide if i want light pink or the hot/deep pink like in the first picture below.)
  5. I also want either Leopard or Zebra; I can't decide which one i want more but I'm leaning toward leopard, but more the snow leopard thats black and white!
Heres a couple of ideas that I like! : ]

I love the color of this room and the pink but i have to be careful because my furniture is black. 
I love the tree but it would be black with hot/deep pink.

This room is my FAVORITE!! i love the colors!! <3
The light pink is so sweet!
I love the hot pink and zebra; I think it looks great!

This is my baby bed.
I love this dresser! 

This is the bedding I picked out but I don't like the bottom thats pink so i like the bottom of the next picture.

This is the bottom i want on top of the previous picture.

I love these little Pom paper decors but I want mine in hot pink, light pink and silver.
These first two would be the wall color.
Cranberry Mist

These last two are for the trim.

Well thats all for now, in till next time.

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