Friday, June 10, 2011

Darlings Nursery


Well we have finally decided on the nursery. I know, I know it only took 6 & half months and trust me it was freaking me out; because I'm the type of person that wants it done ASAP, but I have come to realize that the baby nursery is going to take longer cause there are so many little pieces that are going to pull it together.

We went to Lowes looking for a grey paint color because we weren't having any luck finding any metallic paint colors like we had wanted.  We were looking and I lucky came across Valspar Signature colors Brilliant Metals!! I was so happy when I came across it in the store that I was hopping up and down! lol
We were stuck between these two colors but I was nervous that the darker color was going to be to harsh with the black furniture, so we agreed on Simple Shimmer. Its a two coat paint process Jerry has painted the first coat which is like the main color and this weekend he is going to put the metallic look on; I am so excited to see how it turns out!! 

I have been looking a lot on and I have to say that I am in LOVE with the owl themes. I have found the most percious owl lamp that is the perfect pink for her room that I'm going to buy. So her room is themed as: 
  • Snow Leopard print
  • Owls 
  • Colors: Pink, Silver, Black and White.

 I'm hoping it doesn't look weird being Snow Leopard & Owls, but the only thing that is really Leopard is the bedding. My Wonderful friend Liz is doing my bedding and she sent me pics the other day and all I can say is that it looks wonderful!! 
Here's a sneak peak. (These are taken on her sons bed)
This is the inside of my bump with the Pink Minky and black lace. (the brown sheet doesn't go with Bliss's bedding it will be a velvet pink like the bows on the next picture.)
The Outside of my Bumper; Snow Leopard with black lace. I love love my velvet pink bows, I think it ties it together beautifully!
& Here's her Bed Skirt. : ]

 I think Liz has done a fablous job she also is doing my curtains in the Velvet Pink Bows and they will look like this:

Last but not least my fabulous grandmother found me a dresser that I've wanted for her room.

Jerry is going to paint it black for me and where its gold paint it either Pink or Silver. I think its going to look so pretty!! Im so anxious to see how it turns out.

Well Im off to bed; in till next time! 


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