Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bed Rest for me!

Well sunday night/Monday morning I woke up with my stomach hurting pretty bad, I figured it was because it had been a couple of hours for me to go to the bathroom and I had drank 5 bottle of waters before bed but when I went to go back to bed from the bathroom I collapsed to the floor cause my stomach was hurting so bad. So I sat on the bathroom floor for about 10 min with wolverine and Wendy looking at me like I was crazy because they didn't understand why I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom, finally I made myself get up but ended up having to wake Jerry up because I couldn't get up on the bed. Well made myself go back to sleep, Jerry woke me up when he was leaving for checking on me and told me that if I'm still hurting i need to call my doctor, I told him ok and layed back down because I figured my stomach was starting to stretch because I'm 21 weeks now. Well I got up at 8 and was still hurting pretty horribly so I called my Mawmaw and she told me I need to call me doctor now! So I called and they told me that I needed to go to the hospital ASAP! So I called Mawmaw back and told her and she was like I'll be right over to take you up there, I texted Jerry and he freaked out and was fixing to leave work but I told him no let's just wait and see what they say, so I get up there they take me right in and we listen for Bliss's heartbeat (yes we decided on the name Bliss Victoria), her heart beat was 150 per minute; so a rush of relief went thru me well that put me some other monitors on me left for about 20 min came back and was like well we have to get you an I.V. and start giving you shots because your having contractions. My heart stopped, I said are you sure? She was like yeah and they are pretty bad so we need to make sure your not dilating so we checked and I wasn't thank goodness so they give my shots and sit there for about 8 hours and they said my contraction have slowed and I can go home but if they get worst I have to come back immediately. So I get go home on strict bed rest, tuesday seemed like the longest day ever contracted but they weren't as bad as the day before Wednesday came and the night before was pretty ruff with contractions so Mawmaw came over to check on me and she could tell I was hurting so she made me call my doctor, well They told me go back to the hospital, so we did and i was contracting bad again, so they gave me I.V., shots and steroids. I was there from 9 till 9 that night they didn't want me to go home but they let me with medicine to slow the contractions and strict bed rest, the next morning Thursday my doctor made me come in ASAP to see him and he double dose my medicine and told me that Bliss is perfectly healthy but I'm trying to go into preterm labor, he told me that if I went to have her this early that she wouldn't survive this early so I'm on strict bed rest till told other wise, I go back to see him Monday and we will go from there. I'm still contracting but they aren't as bad as they were. Tomorrow is mother day and the family is suppose to be going out to eat, I'm going to go I just don't want to over do it. I guess we will see how it goes.

Here's little bliss at 21 weeks.


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