Tuesday, July 10, 2012

8-9 months

Oh my sweet beautiful Bliss,
You are growing up way too fast.
Most days Im telling you daddy how bad I want it to slow down while others I tell him how much I love seeing you change and grow into your very own little person.
You have Three teeth two bottoms and one little vampire tooth, which is shocking.
You standing up holding stuff and bravely letting go. You will be walking in know time at all.
You are a straight up mommas girl. It super fierce, you will cry and scream mommmmaaa if I leave out of your sight, If I don't come back in the room when your start doing this your will hunt me down. I can't hide from you, you always find me. Its pretty funny.
You are saying momma, dada, hey, hi and yeah.
You are having full on conversations with whom ever will listen to you. I love it!
You clap and every time you hear music you start dancing. I do mean every time! A commercial can come on and it starts playing music and you stop everything and start dancing. It's hilarious. You fist pump, bounce up and down and shake that booty.
You are so smart, I can tell you no about something and you immediately stop, You will wave goodbye when I ask you or someone tells you bye.
You love:
 my little ponies, It's your favorite thing to watch
You big stuffed animal horse
bath time
go shopping
your family

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