Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bliss rolled over!!!

Bliss has been trying to roll over for the past couple of days but she didn't realize that see would have to move her arms are should would flop back over so she just kept flopping back over which was frustrating her so I kept pulling her arms up as she rolled and she finally got the hang of it because today January 3rd at 2:22 she rolled over and held herself with her hands and head in there air for a whole 5 minutes!!! This momma cried tears of happiness. After a little while she started pushing herself forward with her legs and feet, her hands slipped and she bumped her head on the floor, poor baby got so upset. Of course she was fine after momma picked her up, then I put her back down and she rolled right back over. I tried to record her at least 5 times and of course she wouldn't roll over when I was trying to recording. I can't believe she rolling over, won't be long now and she will be crawling and then walking! So crazy to think she will be walking before to long.
Well I'm off to clean Bliss is taking a nap, rolling around completely wore her out.

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