Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Review

A lot of wonderful event have happened this year. 
We found out in the beginning of January that we were expecting. Read all about it here.
I turned 21.
We got to see bliss transform from a little gummy bear to a little bitty baby.
We brought the RZR XP.
Started to buy baby stuff. ; ]
We got Bliss's bed.
Started stocking up on Diapers and Wipes.
First time the Doctor told us we were having a baby girl.
started planing on how to decorate the nursery.
My cousin had her darling little baby Rylan.
My sister got into a horrible four wheeler wreck.
We officially found out Bliss was a girl!! 
Started discussing names, see here.  
Bought Bliss her 1st Tutu.
Took pictures of Jordan for Easter.

Started having contractions.
Went into Preterm larbor.
Was put on strict bed rest, read all about it here.
Started shopping for bliss and her room. See here for room. 
Jerry got his camaro
Bliss's Bedroom started coming together; see here.
Started to getting a little baby bump. Look.
Jerry and I celebrated 5 wonderful years together.
Jerry bought me a iPad for our anniversary. 
Found a magazine thats name is the same as Bliss's.
Bliss started moving a lot! 
Liz and Maranda thru me my Baby Shower. See Here
We took our maternity pictures! YAY! See more Pics Here.
Liz finished Bliss's Bedding, Curtains and covered her gliders cushions. See Here
Jerry turned 26. 
Went back to hospital for contraction. Read more
My sister turned 16 and the twins turned 7! tears!! 
Finished the Nursery. See here. 
Wrote Bliss a letter. Read. 
3536 & 37 week update. 
We welcomed our Daughter to our world on September 13th, 2011. The greatest day in my life!
Before her big debute:
Went on a Babymoon to Beavers bend. See here.
38 & 39 week update
We brought Bliss home and got into the swing of having a newborn!
We got her newborn pictures taken. See Pics.
Bliss became a U.S. citizen.
Found out she sleeps just like daddy. Picture.
Bliss arriving made 5 generations alive in our family. Pictures
Bliss could actuallt in her cute outift her Aunt Liz made for her. Pics. 
She went to her first pumpkin patch. Pics
3 and 4 week update.  
Dressed up for Bliss's 1st Halloween. Pics
6 week and 2 month update. 
I finally was able to write my Birth Story. See Here & Here. 
We went on our First family Vacation/Thanksgiving/Road trip to the Beach. See Here & here
3 month update
Wrote Bliss another letter. Read
Bliss started sleeping thru the night in her very own bed. Read. 
Took lots of pictures. See here & here.
We celebrated christmas with family.

A lot of amazing things have happened this year but the greatest of all would be hands down bringing our daughter into the world and watching her grow daily. Along the way our love for one another grew also and we thought it couldn't grow any more than it has, but our Bliss coming into our world has made it brighter, stronger, and more blissful than we could every imagine.  
I have alot to be thankful for this year:
  •  My wonderful family and friends
  • House to call our own.
  • Happy loving dogs.
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Love  

Everyday I wake thanking God for blessing me with Jerry; He is such a sweet and amazing person, I ask myself on a daily basics how could I get so luck to find someone so wonderful, I couldn't have gotten any luckier. Also, for Bliss; She is simply breath taking, she could do no wrong in my eyes. I love waking up to her smiling face, she is so beautiful and loving. I could go on and on about her!! Jerry and Bliss are my EVERYTHING! 
Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us! 

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