Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 months

Another month has flew by, which means my baby is a month older! Its crazy to see how much you have changed just in 2 months! Seriously, I mean you haves grown so much, I told your daddy just the other day I swear you've had a growth spurt because you feel SO MUCH HEAVIER and you are most defiantly LONGER! I LOVE to see that you are growing because that means you are healthy but I'm not going to lie, it does make me sad knowing you are growing up so darn fast already!

Your hair when you were 1st born.
So whats new this month? You're defiantly growing more hair!! YAY! It is finally making an appearance on the top of your little head! When you were first born, your hair was so dark but as the days go by it's getting lighter & lighter and sad to say you're getting a red tint to it, like mommy. Darn that irish heritage! Lets hope you don't get my fair skin color also. Fingers crossed.
Things you love:
  • Your fist
  • Kisses
  • Being naked! (you so get this from your father!)
  • Music
  • Bath Time
  • Being outside
  • Your swing
  • Your puppies
  • The sound of your own voice
  • Being read to, you LOVE peter pan!
Things you hate:
  • Wet diaper
  • Being left alone
  • Waiting for your bottle
  • Getting out of the bath
  • Silence 
  • Your Bassinet
  • Going to sleep
Yes, you HATE to go to sleep! It is the worst part of everyday & every night! You will kick and scream for a good 20 minutes up to an hour! It is truly heart breaking! You finally pass smooth out though. I think you are just afraid that you are going to miss out on something and I can promise you, you aren't missing out on anything but mommy cleaning away on the house! 

Now, for your bassinet, saying you hate it is an understatement, you despise it!! It is seriously an epic battle every night to get  you to go to sleep in it. You would much rather sleep with mommy & daddy but I don't trust you sleeping with us, because your daddy is a CRAZY sleeper, he rolls around everywhere including on me, so I'm terrified the would do the same to you! 

You have such great control over your body already, you can turn your head side to side, pick it up and hold it very well. When your in your bebe seat you can hold yourself up beautifully! You kick and move your arms and leg like CRAZY!! 

Let's just say you get this next topic from your daddy. Drooling! Girl, you drool like a mad animal. I will hold you against me and ill feel something yet, so i will pick you up thinking that your spit up, but nope just you drooling! You will be sitting in my lap and drool just pours out on to your then into my lap, all I can do is giggle at you because you think it's so funny when I say the word YUCK! 

Bliss you are a happy baby, well beside when your tired, have a wet diaper or waiting for bottle. Else wise your just a smiling, cooing and laughing and it make me so happy! I will kiss you between your eyebrows and you will just laugh away. When your Pops holds you, you just smile and coo at him. It makes me so happy to see how happy and full of life you are, It makes me feel like I am doing something right after all. 

Last of all, You are most happy when we are going about doing errands or even just outside for a walk. I think you get tired of being at home. Which is fine by me because when I finally get over all this sickness junk, we will go shopping and go see Aunt Liz & Hayden!

Bliss you are absolutely beautiful! Everyone that sees you agrees and calls you a little porcelain doll! I can't help to agree with them. 
With every day that pass you get prettier and prettier and I can't help but feel like the luckiest mother in the world, because I just know that you are going to be beautiful inside and out, strong minded and willed, courageous, kind, intelligent, and loving and that's all a mother could ever ask or hope for. 

Always remember to stand up for what you believe, dream with all your heart, love like crazy and never give up! 
Daddy and I love you darling always remember that! 


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