Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yesterday we woke up to some pretty chilly weather! Im so excited because I ready to break out the winter clothes! Speaking of winter Look what came in the mail for Bliss yesterday! 
We have been waiting for these for a little over a month & I couldn’t wait to put them on! 
Yes, they are to big. I ordered them in 3-6 months so she could grow into them. But doesn’t she look fabulous in them anyways? I think so! : ]
Since it felt so amazing yesterday, I decided it’s time for this momma to get back in shape, So B & I went for a jog. We are headed out the door to go get our workout on, so what this momma do? PHOTO-SHOOT! :)
After we got done jogging, we went and seen cousin Jordan! 
& also Aunt Karah! 
 Well we are off for another stroll in this beautiful weather!
Happy Wednesday
T & B

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