Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 weeks of bliss

Today, My baby is 2 weeks old!! WOW, time is really flying!
What we know about Bliss so far:
What she LOVES..
  • Cuddling! 
  • She loves to eat! (Just like her daddy!)
  • She is super strong. (for halloween this year I think she is going to be super baby!)
  • She LOVES her hands, she wants to chew on them ALL the time!
  • She loves bath time.
  • Sitting outside
  • Her pacifier.
  • Car rides
  • Skin to skin time with daddy. (Jerry loves this, every night before bed jerry stripes her down to her diaper and lays skin to skin with her for hours!)
What she doesn’t like
  • Changing her diaper!
  • Waiting for her bottle; She is very inpatient! (like mommy ; ])
  • Changing her Clothes.
  • Having the hiccups
She is a wonderful baby.
I’m posting her newborn pictures above, she was ten days old.  
Well I’m off to pump, that all it seems like I do these days! 

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