Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doctors Appointment

Today I went to my doctors appointment to see my sweet little Bliss! Doctors appointment didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, Considering my doctor put me back on bed rest and coming back to see him every week again because of my contractions & cervix. On the up side I did get to see her today and got a picture!! :) 
Its a picture of her head/face. 
If you look closely you can she her mouth is opened, on the sono machine she was opening and closing her mouth like she was chewing on a skittle!! Its was so sweet to see!!
I was so happy when he measured her to see how much see weighted and said that she was almost 3 pounds now!! She was a pound & half it seemed like forever! 
After my appointment I came home and finished her furniture.
My love sanding it down!

Handles Before:
Handles after being painted

Her side table before and after being sanded down and painted! :)
Her glider before and after being painted and cushions covered! 

I'm so happy that her room is coming together!! It taking a lot of stress off me.
All that is left is:
Hang Curtains
Paint Trim
Fix & Organize Closet
Thinking about either getting a different fan or buying a chandelier
Light & Outlet covers
Paint mirror that goes with dresser & hang it
Fix door
Make a canopy (maybe not positive yet)
Im sure I will add stuff to her room but that is just what is on the top of my list! 



  1. What kind of paint are you using to paint the dresser and glider?

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  3. Rust-Oleum in satin black, then a lot of clear coats where it doesn't get scratched up.