Monday, March 19, 2012

6 months

My sweet darling Bliss,
I am mother to a 6 month old? 
Where has the time gone, seriously it just seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital and your were are tiny little baby. 
There are no words that express the love I have for you and how it grows and grows each and every passing day. I could cry on a daily basis serioulsy. I am not going to lie, I tear up most days.
I think you look more and more like your daddy every day, Daddy says you look just like me but everyone agrees with me. I tell Daddy that you're his minnie me. 
Your smile is endless.
I thought you hair was going to be the same color as Aunt Karah's but it has surprised me and is the same exact color as your Daddy's beautiful dirty blonde. I absolutely love it! 
I think about everyone in the family fight about the color of your eyes, I say they are green/gray with blue ring around them. Daddy says they are brown one day and the next they will be gray. I guess we will have to wait a little longer to really find out. They will be beautiful and unique either way.
Still no teeth, but you are chewing on EVERYTHING! You have really come to love knee's, you will be sitting in someone's lap and bend straight over feet in front of you and start chewing on their knee, it is the funniest thing.
You have changed so much this last month. 
You are officially sitting up, you go girl. 

You are scooting around like a mad women, I think you would be crawling if you would figure out to move your hands and arms.
You defiantly know what is happening around you, you are so happy and talk up a storm. You are a love bug and a cuddlier. I absolutely love it and so does daddy.
You LOVE to eat. (Just like daddy.) I was afraid we were over feeding you because you will eat 2 containers of baby food maybe 3 and a 9 oz. bottle of milk 3 times a day, that not counting you snacks, but the Doctor said that its fine you have a big appetite and a fast metabolism. 
You love being outside, laying down watching the clouds go by, birds fly by, puppies playing in the yard and daddy working on the vehicles. You talk the whole time we are outside.
You are sleeping thru the night like a champ. GO BABY!
You love car rides, you will throw a fit if the car stops moving.
Anytime, we go anywhere we are stopped by everyone telling us how beautiful and sweet you are. It makes my day to hear that. 
You went to the doctor this month a you weighted 15.4 pounds, I was shocked I was expecting to see 18 pounds, you were 26 3/4 in. long. You are growing beautiful my dear & we couldn't be happier about it.
When I was in the hospital you hit a some serious milestones my dear. You are hands on with everything, You study everything around you now, You want to stand up and walk around with help of course, and you love to talk and scream. I love it all, but my most favorite of all is you are reaching for people now!!! 
You still love music.
You have really came into your personality, you are so incredibly happy and full of life. It makes me so happy to see you so happy. You love to play with all your toys, listen to music, and look at your books. 
My darling B, I have so many hopes and dreams for you, I could give myself a headache to sit here and type it all up for you but my biggest hope for you is to just grow up healthy and enjoy life. Do everything you little heart wants to do, and momma and daddy will be right behind you cheering for you all the way.
This last month has been the hardest on me, cause of momma breaking her back. I'm unable to pick you up and carry you around and love on you and it kills me. You have no idea! It kills me to see you cry and me not be able to pick you up and take care of you. It kills me when you are talking to me and reaching up to me cause you want me to pick you up and I can't, hopefully it is just for a short period of time and not permeant because that wouldn't work for me. I want nothing more but to be able to hold you all day long. 
Daddy and I love you so much baby girl, you have changed our life so much in such a little time and we couldn't be happier, keep growing and being healthy my little love. 

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