Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 months Old

You are 4 months old today baby, boy does time fly when you are in love and happy!
I have to say that this last month is been the by far the most enjoyable, you have changed so incredibly much its baffling. Daddy and I both agree that you know what is going on now, you have gained more control of you neck and you daddy says when he is holding you and you see me walk by you watch me walk away, or if I am not in the room you are looking around the room for me. You laugh more and more each passing day, just last night you were laughing in your sleep, while I was rocking you to sleep. You will talk my ears off!! I'm always wondering what you talking about.

You had a your 4 months check up yesterday; You weighted 14 pound and we're 25 and half inches long! You are going to be skinny and long like daddy. Your doctor confirmed that you have two teeth coming in at the same time, I noticed you gums where swollen and looked irritated, so that explains why you have been so grumpy lately. You also got shots and blood drawn yesterday and boy you we're upset, I was about in tears to see how much pain you were in. The doctor said you we're in the 90 percentile in height and only 40 in weight, but thats ok, cause you actually holding you food down now and gaining weight so that is great!!
That means since you we're born you have grown 5 inches and Gained almost 8 pounds. You go girl!

Whats new this month:

  • You are rolling over!! You go babe!
  • You are starting to scoot when you are rolled over.
  • You love Baby food, you will eat the container! (Appetite like you daddy you go girl.) 
  • You are not sleeping thru the night anymore you wake up between midnight-one and want come to bed with momma.
  • Size 1 diapers are getting to small.
  • You are almost to big for you Puj Tub.
  • You love to play with you toy Puppy.  
  • You love for me to read to you, I love it!
  • You are fitting into 3+ clothes! :)
  • You love riding the RZR.
  • When you get mad at me you do this thing now where its like your trying to bite. It's pretty funny.
  • You hate just sitting around; You want to be on the go at all times.
  • You going to sleep easier at night. 
  • You love for me to throw you up in the air, and to spin around really fast! 
  • You love to be outside!
  • I took you riding on the horses and you loved it!
You like/love:
  • Me & Daddy
  • Jordan
  • A clean diaper at all times. 
  • Bath time
  • My hair
  • Music 
  • Riding in the car
  • Watching me on the computer
  • Watching you mobile.
  • Dancing around the room with momma
  • Riding horses
  • Feeding the horses and Dixie the cow.
  • You love to lay on a blanket outside and watch the clouds move.
  • To eat
You don't like:
  • Waiting for anything 
  • for me to get out of sight
  • To take naps
  • Getting out of the bath
  • Being cold or hot
  • Shots
  • Being alone
  • the dark
  • Your bed.
  • Momma to do anything but play or hold you.

This month has been amazing and I can't help but want to watch and play with every second of the day, Even when daddy gets home and tries to give me a break I still want to be right there with you.
You and your daddy have really connected this last month, You have always lighted up and been happy to see him but now you just watch his every move and smile the whole time you see him. Daddy says he can't wait till you get holder where you can go work on the cars with him and big enough to run to him and says daddyyyy when he comes home from work.
Every day you make mommas heart skip a beat Bliss, you can do know wrong even if you are screaming at me to make you bottle faster, fighting your nap, not letting me clean the house cause you want me to play with you, or just plain grumpy. I will always love you to the moon and back NO MATTER WHAT. You will be 30 years old and make me a grandmother and you will still be my baby, I know everyday won't be sunshine and rainbows but I love you thru thick and thin. You always be my heart and I can't live without my heart. 

Momma and daddy love you darlin always remember that. 

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