Monday, December 12, 2011

I am a mother to a 3 month old.

It hard to believe that 3 months have already flew by since we held our Baby girl for the first time. I wrote this the night before B turning 3 months old while she was sleeping Blissful in her very own bed. Yes, her very own bed on the other side of the house! I'm seriously up every hour making sure she is ok, I even going to the extent of having to put my finger under her noise to make sure she's breathing! I know I'm a crazy person, I should be happy that she is already sleeping in her own bed and sleeping thru the night.. Right? It's hard for to realize she is already 3 months old and already some what becoming independent! Seriously, Babies, children, teens they all get there independence at some point but I thought that parents are supposed to be happy? This momma isn't! I want my baby girl that woke up crying just make sure that I was close by, the baby girl that I could cradle in my arms and she would just gaze up at me and just smile! Now, I have to sit her up in my lap because she doesn't want to be cradled anymore! Sad days, Everyone told me she would grow and change so fast but I never realized that they meant this fast! I would have treasured that time with her even more than I did! It hard to sit here and see how much she has changed already. Truthfully, It makes me cry realizing how fast she is growing up and how beautiful she is all the while. Enough of the whining, we need to celebrate that she is a growing, healthy and happy baby!

We went to the doctor yesterday and she weighted 12.6 pounds!!! 2 weeks ago she weighted 11.2 pounds! Mommas girl is growing!

What new this month:
  • You are talking up a storm.
  • Your are defiantly a morning baby, that is when you are the happiest.
  • Your are gaining better control of that big beautiful baby head of yours.
  • Your are starting to fixate on stuff more and more.
  • You are laughing now. Yes! Laughing, It's makes daddy and I so happy!
  • You are super ticklish. 
  • You are sleeping thru the night.
  • You are sleeping in your own bed. You are turning into such a big girl so fast!
  • You get so bored so easily. You will be having tummy time and in 10 minutes you will be screaming ready to do something else. So then we are on to the next activity.
  • You are actually paying attention to the tv now. I love it! :)
  • You have turned into a complete Mommas girl. You want me to hold and give my full attention to you at all times.
  • You love your daddy. You see your daddy and you light up. It's is the most beautiful thing I have witnessed. I love it, cause your daddy does the same.
  • Your skin on your face and neck is still so sensitive, we are trying something new so fingers crossed it helps!
  • You love to be naked, you get so made when momma dresses you.
  • You newborn clothes are finally actually fitting! Yay!
  • You moved up to size 1 in diapers!
  • You have come to realize you have a tongue and are sticking it out all the time! 
  • You are trying to roll over, you get to you side and the flop back on your back.
  • You are drooling like crazy!!
  • Chewing on your hands constantly.
You like:
  • Me & Daddy
  • You hands
  • A clean diaper
  • Bath time
  • Your tongue
  • Being outside
  • Music
  • Pulling my hair. Ouch for momma
  • Being worn
  • Sitting up like a big girl
You don't like:
  • Being held like a baby.
  • Waiting for your bottle
  • Loud voices
  • Going to sleep, you're stilling fighting your sleep but not near as bad.
  • Just sitting in the car seat till we put you in the car, when you are in it you are ready to go!
  • Grapes
  • Sleeping in clothes
  • Nurse at your doctors appointment.
  • Momma out of your site.
Bliss, This month has been such bittersweet. I love to see that your are growing and developing so amazingly, just hard to see my baby growing up so fast. I love love love you! My heart feels as if it could explode with all the love it has for you my dear and it just grows and grows with each passing day! 


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