Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Baby

Darling Bliss,
 I can't get over how fast you are growing and how much my love for you grows more and more daily. You are absolutely stunning! Everywhere we go everyone tell me how beautiful you are and that every little thing about you is perfect and momma can't help but to agree. Everyone tells me I should send you pictures to modeling agencies, then you could really be mommas little supermodel.
You laughed for the first time last sunday, I was nibbling on your legs and you actually laughed!! I was so happy that I sat there for another 10 minutes tickling and playing with you till I could get it on recording to send to your daddy and Boy did he LOVE it! To tell you the truth he was jealous! ;]
You are turning into a real mommas girl, which I am not going to lie I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Come on now, who wouldn't be? Daddy is of course Jealous but daddy has to go to work everyday so we can have food to eat and you can have diapers clothes, toys and your wonderful books. Let me tell you what you love for me to read to you, your favorite book is Peter Pan, you love me the movie yoo!! Yay!
You HATE being at home now, you are always so happy to get in your carseat and get on the road to go anywhere.. I guess I have lingered around the house to long with you. Sad you are already wanting to go out into the world and explore. I guess that a good thing though.
I can't wait till you are older and I can start putting you in piano, ballet, swimming, singing, gymnastics, and martial art lessons. I want you to do everything you little heart desires. You will be wonderful at everything!
Bliss always remember mommy and daddy love you more than anything!

Momma and Daddy

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