Thursday, November 24, 2011


Jerry, Bliss and I are at Daulphin Island, Alambama since last saturday visiting family, playing on the beach, touring old forts, long romantic walks, bike rides, lots of playing with Bliss, snapping pictures, and eating a Thanksgiving Feast! Yummy, we are so excited. So be prepared to see a lot of photos this weekend when we get home.

In the meantime, today I am especially thankful for:

My Jerry Todd, he's the light of my world.

My darling Bliss, I thank the lord everyday with blessing me was such an amazing miracle.

My incredible little sister, I love her more than she will ever realize.

Our amazing family, we would be lost without them.

Our crazy, silly dogs.

My camera, I phone, I pad & I Mac.

laughs, love, health

hugs, kisses, cuddling

fast cars, our rzr

a house to call our own.

sunshine, stars and moon

water, Pepsi, mountain dew

great music, movies, and tv shows

A happy, loving baby

our love for one another that keeps growing and growing!

the memories that we have made, making and are going to make.

Happy Thanksgiving

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