Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autism Speaks!
Last week was Bliss’s 6 week check and every mother knows what that means… SHOTS! I am terrified to give Bliss any immunizations! Let me tell you why real quick. I have twin cousins Jordan and Cade.
Jordan can’t walk & Cade doesn’t talk, but this story is about Cade. Cade was a normal like any other child in the world in till he got his first round of Big Shots and that when everything changed. After he received his shots he was like a totally different child. He stopped talking, he stopped interacting with people, He thru temper tantrums, hates loud noises and became aggressive. My Aunt and Grandmother took him to the doctor and diagnosed him with Autism. We started taking him to therapy 2-3 times and that is when the shots really opened my eyes,
there were at least 5 kids in therapy with the same exact problems Cade was having and 10 others one that had different things going on after the shots. One mother told me the story of her son, She said that they took their soon to get his shots and in the 20 minutes of receiving it his Left eye socket completely dropped to his mouth. After being in and out of the hospital for over a year & half, his eye is back to normal and you couldn’t even tell that it had happened; His mom said that he is still not back to normal he still doesn’t talk, he is reserved and doesn’t want to play with people or children and hates loud noises. They ended up telling her that there was to much mercury in the shot for her son and that is what caused her sons eye socket to drop.
After she told me that I started researching shots and cases like Cades. Nothing has been proven that the shots are causing autism but I did find A LOT of cases like Cades, after the children received their shots. I’m not saying that the shot are causing Autism but they could be playing a big factor in it. They have started combining shots because they didn’t want to have to poke the baby as many time, so they are combining up to 5 shots into one! In my opinion that is a lot for a little babies body! I found on AutismSpeaks.com  that causes of Autism are idiopathic but some have been linked to biological disorder or even genetic disorders & Autism is increasing 10-17% Annually, That is one in every 110 children diagnosed; that makes it more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, and pediatric AIDS combined! That is scary! 

Cade is 7 years old now, He is slow coming around. He will say some of our familys name, Including my own! : ] He will tell you NO in a heartbeat, when he wants something or to go to do something he will take you hand and take you to it. He is also almost full potty trained, he will go in the bathroom all by himself and goes potty, & you know when he does to because he will come out with know clothes on, I swear if we would let him he would be naked all the time! lol His aggression his getting better but who can really balm him, that his only way of really getting his frustration out there since he cant tell you what wrong or what he wants. what matter though is that he’s getting better and better! Time & Patience heals all!  If you have time go and read about Autism and If you can Donate!  Autism Speaks xo,  Tarah

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