Thursday, October 13, 2011

1 month

Today October 13th, you are officially one month old! It seems only yesterday that daddy and I brought our 6 pound 3 ounce baby home from the hospital, now you are growing and growing like a weed!
All I seem to do these days are brag & brag about you. You are so special to daddy and me and we just can’t get enough of you! I sit with you during the day and just stare at you in amazement, you are growing so much every day that it baffles me. You not just growing physical but mentally too!
You are very smart. Daddy says you have a big head because how big of a brain you have, but you already so aware of everything around you. If I smile at you, you smile back. If daddy sticks his tongue out at you, you stick yours back out at him back. You are starting to be more vocal; not that your weren’t vocal already. Now, you will tell us if you don’t like something in a heartbeat! 
Your strength amazes me everyday. You will hold you head up and turn it from side to side like a champ! When you grab our fingers, you hold on to them with strength of a 1 year old not a 1 month old. You can move & kick your arms and legs like there is no tomorrow, I think you are going to be an excellent swimmer! 
You are beautiful. I know, I know I’m your mommy and I suppose to think that but You truly are, You could be a baby super model! You have beautiful complexion, everyone that see’s agrees! You have beautiful big, full eyes that are absolute mesmerizing to look into! Daddy thinks they are going to turn brown because his are brown but, I think they are going to stay the green grey they are. Well, like momma! ; ] Your hair is growing everyday, It’s such a pretty golden brown. I think it’s going to be the same color as your Aunt Karah, lets hope its as thick as hers too! :) You have a beautiful long muscular body, you seriously have muscles everywhere already! We made a beautiful baby!! 
You already have an attitude. You are super Impatient, when you want something, you want it right then no exceptions! If not you will put those new found lungs to some very good use! 
This pictures shows exactly what I am talking about! lol 
You are loving. You love to cuddle! You are happiest when someone is holding and cuddling with you. You and daddy love yalls cuddling time every night, you pass out every night loving and drooling on your daddy. 
This last month has changed me so much, I think of nothing but you ALL THE TIME! You have changed me so much and you’re only a month old. Before you came along mommy never had a dirty house, now floors are always needing to be cleaned, there’s laundry to be done and dishes to be cleaned and lets not forget momma needs to take a shower but all that has gone out the window because some beautiful little girl needs my full attention at all times, Yes, somedays it drives me crazy because of how OCD I am, but I’m getting better at it daily! I guess all I can say is WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD! 
I am crying joyous tears today, you are already growing up so fast and it is bittersweet! Always remember that know matter what that we love you more than anything and that there is nothing that will ever change that! You are our precious gift from god and we are in so LOVE! 
What can I say, I love my hands! 
Happy One Incredible Month Sweet B…

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