Monday, September 19, 2011

1 week of Bliss

Tomorrow Bliss will be a week old already!! Ahhhhh time is flying by already! Tears…
It’s just crazy to think that Bliss was in my belly this time last week and I was getting ready to go into labor! Yes, I went into labor instead of having to be induced; thank goodness!  I have been looking back at all my belly pictures and I just can’t believe this perfect little baby was in there all nice and cozy and now she is out in the real world with me and I think to myself; what was I even worried about? I was just being a crazy lady over thinking everything!! I’m just so happy that she is here, that I cant stop staring at her! She is truly a gift from God
Seriously isn’t she the cutest baby you have ever seen? ; ]
Well I figured since this the last belly picture I took I would show you my belly now. 
Almost one week Postpartum! 
I was extremely lucky to have come out with no stretch marks and my belly is almost gone, but I defiantlyneed to tone up! 
So as soon as I’m not sore anymore and have my energy back, I will be whipping out the jogging stroller and will be putting it to some very good use!! Which I am overly excited to use!! :) Especially since the weather is so beautiful and cool. Let’s hope it stays that way. 
Im going to go stare at Sweet B some more!

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