Monday, August 15, 2011

My Weekend!

My Weekend!!
I posted last week about list of stuff I still need to get & I have managed to knock a few things off my list. : ]
  • Lansinoh Brand Lanolin Breast Cream
  •  Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads,
  •  Lansinoh Soothies
  •  Gel Pads Medela soft shells
  •  Lily gel nursing pads
  •  NUK/Gerber warm & cool breast relief packs.
  •  A breast pump, I’m still trying to decide on which brand because there are so many to choose from!!! (HELP!!!)
  •  Wipe warmer
  •  Another Diaper Genie & refills.
  •  Boppy Newborn Lounger
  •  Soaps, Lotions, Destin, Boogie Wipes, Baby Powder, Aquaphor, Diapers & Wipes. (You can never have enough right? lol)
  •  Nursing Bras
  •  Tucks medicated Wipes
  •  Belly Bandit
  •  Bumbo
  •  Bath Tub
  •  Bottle Warmer (Will I really use this though?)
I also bought so more bottle nipplesleg warmers, (still need a pair of black ones having a hard time finding leg warmers, I guess it being summer time & all.), mittens (don’t want her to scratch her precious face.), wash clothes, Burp clothes & bliss a slingBlanket for me while at the hospital, Im totally in LOVE with it. I’ll post a picture of it after I wash it. 
I still need to finish getting stuff for our hospital bags, I have NO clue what Jerry should pack to wear while at the hospital. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  :)
I also want to go and stock up on groceries and stuff like that, So I will be headed to Walmart & Sams this week! 
I have actually been SUPER busy today, I cleaned out Bliss’s soon to be Playroom & My soon to be office & let me tell you what It was AWFUL! I had a whole long truck bed of trash I hauled to the dump! Luckily Jerry helped me take it all to the dump, came home and vacuumed, and mopped 5 or 6 times lost count. I also need to go to Lowes this week to get paint for the playroom & for my office, I want to paint my office in Pink & grey and her playroom pink, but I might change my mind so I’m going to browse at colors.

My Saturday!

Today I worked my booty off working in Bliss’s room. My daddy came and helped me finish the dresser & hung my curtains for me! It was so nice to spend some quality time with my dad, it’s been way to long!! When we well more him than I finished putting the dresser together and hung the curtains, I got busy vacuuming and mopping. I vacuumed the room five times, mopped its six times then got down on my hands and knees with a magic eraser and scrubbed for an hour & half till Jerry came in and freaked out on me and told me to stop, It couldn’t get any cleaner. lol Here’s a couple of pictures.
I finally bought Bliss Her baby book & made her this white TUTU!! :) 
Sorry such a long post, trying to catch up my blogging. 
I also made me a Tumblr Account, So go add me on there if you have one! My Tumblr

Happy Monday!!!


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