Friday, July 1, 2011

More pregnancy pics.

My wonderful grandmother, sister & twin cousins went to town on an adventure to find me a couple of dresses. I call this an adventure because if you know me I am one of the pickiest people you will meet when it comes to clothes. My sister had a cute little dress on, so I asked her where she bought it and she said Target so I told ma maw that's where the adventure would start.
We went in and to my astonishment they had a ton of cute dresses!! I was so excited, I went to the dressing room with 30 dresses!! Yes I said 30! lol I didn't know what size dress I would need because usually I can wear smalls, but with my growing belly I wasn't sure so I grab smalls and mediums. I started trying on and boy was I surprised I could still wear smalls!!! I know this sounds ridicules but in that target dressing room, was the first time that I had felt pretty in months, not only because I could still wear smalls but because in the dresses my belly looked so cute & round, when I have been feeling & thinking that I just look fat! So i tried on the dresses and liked 13 of them. I wasn't willing to spend that much money, so I made everyone help choose the one they liked best I left Target with 7 dresses and a pair of shorts. I was so excited that evening to show Jerry, I even put them on and modeled in them for him as dorky as that sounds!! lol & of course his usual sweet self told me I looked beautiful and he loved that he could see my growing belly, because I've been hiding it the last 30 weeks. Yes the last 30 weeks I have been hiding it, as awful as that sounds.
I will post pics of my new dresses as I wear them! : ]
This is one of the two blue dress.

Yesterday afternoon:
After the adventure for looking for dresses my sister & I came home and decided that we need to go swimming so we took some photo's of my growing belly & I figured I would post them. :)


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